Shooting a little wider with the Fujinon XF16mm f2.8

When I bought into the Fuji system six months ago the first lens I bought was the 23mm f2 and although I’ve added some longer options the 23mm remains my favourite – I even use it more than the venerable 35mm f1.4 and it doesn’t take long on Google to see how loved that lens is.

Recently I’ve been jonesing for something a little wider. When I’m shooting at home or out and about with the family I’ve found myself having to take a step back, away, from my family to get shots of them with the 23mm. Like many I was attracted to the 16mm f1.4 but was reticent to spend so much without knowing if I’d enjoy the lens so I took the plunge and bought its little brother, the 16mm f2.8

I won’t lie, when I opened the box and saw just how little it is I felt some disappointment – how good can such a small lens be? It really does feel like a toy but I popped it on my X-T2 and started annoying the child – don’t be fooled, she’s not always a willing model.

I don’t shoot brick walls or test charts but wide open I like this lens and a few stops down it gets even better. There’s plenty of micro contrast to help images pop so don’t be afraid the clarity slider – it really being the best out of images shot with this lens. The AF is astonishing – even faster than the 23mm.

There is a learning curve with this focal length – I had to bin a few shots with weirdly warped head shapes and I’m not talking about subjects in the corner of the frame but just a little beyond the thirds.

Leading lines become so powerful with this lens adding further drama to that sense of being in the scene.

For the street shooters amongst us, give it a try, nobody thinks you’re photographing them from so close (who would do that?) you can point the lens straight past them and still have your subject fill the frame.

Anyway, that enough for now – I hope you enjoyed the images and take the time to leave a little comment – let me know which image was your favourite or which you hated the least.


5 thoughts on “Shooting a little wider with the Fujinon XF16mm f2.8

  1. You’re getting some good stuff with the 28/f2 Gary. The 16/1.4 is great (probably Fuji’s best lens), but I prefer the f2 for street.
    I wonder if we’ve ever featured in each other’s pictures?


    1. Wow! You flatter me man, very kind words indeed. I’ve only been shooting 9 months but I feel I’m making progress. I don’t think I’ve found a signature style but I’m not too bothered about that.

      It’s probably only a matter of time until we do. I found in the background of one of my favourite shots


      1. It’s quite special isn’t it. On a bright day he’s usually at the corner of Union St & Gordon St with his trusty old X100 – he’s always up for a blether too.


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