Horror by Hornbeck

Recently I came across the fantastic blog of David Szweduik and his Adventures in Creativity podcast. The blog is mostly a text version of his thoughts on the creative process as presented in the podcast. Although a photographer himself I feel much of what David delivers can apply to other creative arts.

As I normally do upon discovering new blogs I binge read much of it and discovered the fantastic Contrast by Hornbeck app. A simple square format, high contrast, black and white camera app for iOS (and Android?).

The app has a highlight priority nature (always preserves highlights and lets shadows fall to darkness) which seems a great tool for training people to see good/interesting light.

I’ve been putting this App to use in the 1950s office building I work in. An abundance of strip lights and shortage of natural light make for a great horror vibe. This also gives me a little creative outlet at work when I can’t camera around.

3 thoughts on “Horror by Hornbeck

  1. Hi. I ran into the Contrast by Hornbeck app a week ago and I switch between this the regular camera and another app that is totally black and white called Adobe Capture. It does what Threshold in Photoshop does to your images, but live. It can save your images into shapes (vector) or SVG and I think PDF as an export. I was hoping to find a more apps that can do different sorts of things to photographs live. I wish there were more options in Contrast to maybe shoot video or zoom in and out or not be square. Anyways I thought I’d write something since I found that you also took some photos with the program. I have mine on my instagram.


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