That other Scottish city/the shite one

Four posts in four days – I’m too good to you lot.

So, Scotland’s central belt has this other city and to be frank, it’s a bit pish, but sometimes we go there for a laugh. Like blessing the poor buggars with our west coast presence..

A few months ago I became a tourist and went there. Shot a few rolls of HP5+ with the Kiron 28mm f/2; a high resolving lens with a serious barrel distortion problem.

I did find a cute cafe near the castle which let us chose the music and it was all cassette. I’d call them hipsters but I was shooting film on a 1980s SLR.

As usualmênt the HP5+ was pushed two stops and developed in Xtol by my own fair hand.

Feel free to tell me how terrible the pictures are and that I’m in no way to blame because it’s just terrible subject matter 😀

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