New toys

Nikon FM/FE, Fuji X, Leica M, Minolta TLR… all my cameras have had something in common; they’re relatively small within their corner of the photography world. Then this happened…

It was just sitting there in the shop window – giving me that sexy little smile. I entered the shop expecting to find this old beast a little unwieldy to handle but no, it felt good but I summoned the strength to leave it there. Then I spend the next three days browsing the web and youtube vids trying to find something that would put me off but I failed. Now it’s mine. All mine.

I only took the one lens, a 90mm f/3.8. I went straight from the camera store to the Botanic Gardens in the west end of Glasgow and shot a roll of Ilford Delta 400. I expected a quality jump from the Minolta Autocord but the improvement surprised me.

5 thoughts on “New toys

      1. I left Scotland. I came back to France. I worked in Glasgow for only two years. I lived unforgettable moments in Scotland. The Scottish people, the pubs, the landscapes, the life around Byres Road, I miss everything so much…


      2. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your time here. Glasgow is a fantastic city. It can be the friendliest and the scariest. I love it. Have you any plans to visit us again soon?


      3. Unfortunately not, but I do not despair of coming back to see Glasgow and taking the photographs that I was not able to take at the time. It was in 2001 and 2002. The city must have changed a lot since then.

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