Summerlee Industrial Museum

Located near Coatbridge Central train station this place is great on a nice day. Lots of old chunky pieces of heavy metal machinery and plenty of fresh air. Also some nice interactive stuff indoors if the weather turns on you.

I took the Big Boy RB67 with me and a couple of posers for something to point at 😀

As is often the case these were shot on HP5 and cooked in Rodinal for 11 minutes at 1+50

3 thoughts on “Summerlee Industrial Museum

  1. All great shots! Did you shoot the negatives with the X-Pro1 – or did you print the photos first and then shoot the photo?
    The quality is very good, I’ve also tried with negatives, but difficult to get them flat, would love to see your setup – never to old for learning !

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    1. I file my negatives away in a sleeve between the pages of a big photo book with a 5kg weight on top for 24 hours. Then digitise with the x pro 1 and tt artisans 40mm macro negs held flat with the Lomography Digitiliza. Each negative is two shot stitched panorama. If I remember I’ll take a photo of the setup next time. The key is really the Lomo neg holder – that does a great job of keeping them flat


      1. Thanks for the tips, I’ll go find the Lomography Digitaliza and see if I can get it here. Thanks in advance for the photo – Cheers !


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