New toys

Nikon FM/FE, Fuji X, Leica M, Minolta TLR… all my cameras have had something in common; they’re relatively small within their corner of the photography world. Then this happened…

It was just sitting there in the shop window – giving me that sexy little smile. I entered the shop expecting to find this old beast a little unwieldy to handle but no, it felt good but I summoned the strength to leave it there. Then I spend the next three days browsing the web and youtube vids trying to find something that would put me off but I failed. Now it’s mine. All mine.

I only took the one lens, a 90mm f/3.8. I went straight from the camera store to the Botanic Gardens in the west end of Glasgow and shot a roll of Ilford Delta 400. I expected a quality jump from the Minolta Autocord but the improvement surprised me.

Mugdock Country Park

I think it was March when I caught the train to Milngavie and followed the West Highland Way to Mugdock Country Park. I didn’t know I’d stumble across a crumbling castle. If I did I may have taken more than one roll of film.

For the photo nerds out there it was Portra 160 (yes, I converted to black and white because once again I realised I don’t care about colour film) shot on the VM 35mm f/1.4 MC and Leica M2

Off to the lab/Leica M2 in hand

A nice sunny day and I had some rolls of colour negative film to be developed. I do all my own black and white but I don’t enjoy the colour process so that gets sent out to the lovely folks at Gulabi. A nice six mile round trip walk to the southside was in order to get the job done. Of course, I did have a little coffee and cake pit stop. Grind & Grain in Victoria Road do a fine coffee and that lump you see is a vegan biscoff sandwich. It’s been a long time since my body had such a lump of sugar in one serving. This treat was delicious but it left me jingling and jangling.

Some sketches of a life

I finally got a means of scanning my medium format negatives at home so I’ve been enjoying using that a bit more lately & of course the GAS is already hitting and I’m looking at things more flexible than my Minolta Autocord.

There’s no overarching theme or scene to these images got some things I’ve seen over the last few weeks.

Shot on a mix of the Leica M2 with Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 and the Autocord

Comment on something; tell me what you do or don’t like – tell me what you’ve been shooting or what you want to shoot next. Lets chat.

Thom & Eilidh/Climbers at Dumbarton Rock

A few weeks ago I took a train to Dumbarton East to take pictures of the rock and the castle that sits upon it. Approaching the rock I was unsure if I should walk round the left or right of it to get to the castle so I followed some people I saw int he distance and went right.

It turns out this was the wrong way if you want to reach the castle but the right way if you want to stumble upon a hotspot for bouldering and rock climbing.

If you follow this blog I’m sure you know I am far more interested in people than landscape so I spent a few hours with the climbers, in particular Thom & Eilidh, who are kind enough to let me shoot them.

I’m not sure an old rangefinder and a TLR are the best options for shooting action sports but I think I made it work.

The squares came from my Ilford XP2 in my Minolta Autocord TLR. The rectangles are HP5+ pushed 1 stop in the Leica M2.