Stevenston Beach

I don’t shoot much colour film but when I do it sits around for a while until I have enough worth developing. It’s quite nice to have that wee surprise. I had forgotten most of these images in the month between shooting and developing.

A nice day lazing on the beach and a swim in the sea – until the thunder storm came and chased us away.

Portra 160 shot on the Leica M2

Mini landscapes through a long lens

I was recently gifted a Spotmatic II with a trio of lenses 35mm 55mm and 135mm. Until now the longest I have shot with is 85mm and even then it was very limited – I just found the focal length too suffocating so I was curious to try shooting with the 135mm and some years have passed since I tried shooting beyond 55mm.

The quality of Super Takumar lenses is already well covered elsewhere. Asahi Pentax really did know their proverbial. Having already shot a roll on the street with the 135mm I know I have to keep my shutter speed 1/250 to ensure a sharp image.

On a sunny day I found myself on the Inverclyde coast by Wemyss Bay. The beach was mostly pebble with lots of sandstone slab poking through. I started viewing these slabs as miniature landscapes to be arranged. This turned into quite a fun exercise and something I’ll definitely try again in future.

Let me kow any thoughts you have on this shooting process or if you have any similar experience yourself, either picking out landscape details or shooting focal lengths outside your comfort zone.

Adios amigos

Last days of the summer hols & a light and airy jpegs recipe

It’s almost mid August and we haven’t been to the beach yet – such is covid19 life. So with the child going back to school tomorrow we decided to get our feet wet at least once.

Having mostly shot film lately, and not being very interested in colour film, I decided it was time to shoot a little digital – colour results I like are so easy with the Fuji jpegs.

Shooting indoors with bright daylight coming in I like to use Ritchie Roesch’s Kodachrome recipe (I can’t remember which one it is).

Whilst this suits diffused light the contrast is a little harsh in the midday sun. To counter this I reduce the contrast and overexpose the shit out of everything. I keep my exp comp at +1 and sometimes push a little further in post.

I save the following settings in a custom slot:

Classic Chrome, DR 400 (ISO 800) , H0, S-1, C+1, Weak Grain, daylight white balance and a WB shift of R+3 B+4.

This recipe also looks nice on Pro Neg Hi for those with an earlier X series body.

If you get any joy using these settings I hope you won’t be shy about sharing your results.

I think barring one image these were all shot with the little 16mm f/2.8