Stevenston Beach

I don’t shoot much colour film but when I do it sits around for a while until I have enough worth developing. It’s quite nice to have that wee surprise. I had forgotten most of these images in the month between shooting and developing.

A nice day lazing on the beach and a swim in the sea – until the thunder storm came and chased us away.

Portra 160 shot on the Leica M2

Things I saw yesterday

Not much to report here. Had a fairly lazy day. We chilled in the morning. Went for a Parma Violet latte and Hot Chocolate at Cafe Rawnchy in Dennistoun. I had the Lavender and White Chocolate cake yum yum yum. Shot some stuff on the X-Pro1 with the VM 35mm f/1.4 and there’s even an iPhone shot in there from when the M mount lens couldn’t get close enough.

Falling for 50mm

The nifty fifty, the standard lens, the ‘normal’ focal length. Maybe all these bland descriptions were to blame but it took me a while to warm to the 50mm equivalent.

For me, as a Fuji X shooter that meant a 35mm lens. I had played about with an off-brand budget option from China but the focal length left me a little cold.

I had read a lot about the ‘special’ rendering, or magic, of the XF 35mm f/1.4 so when a good deal was offered by a local seller….you get where this is going? Good.

Obviously the image quality jumped out at me right away. Before this I’d been mostly shooting the little 23mm Fujicron and while that was a fine lens there was a certain harshness to the image. The 35mm presented something very different.

Although upon zooming in there is incredible levels of detail, there is also a subtlety, dare I say softness to the overall image which gives a certain painterly quality to it.

This rendering led me to shooting the lens far more than I ever thought I would and over time I started to appreciate the charm of the nifty fifty.

Headshots demand a physical closeness which comes across in the image but not so much as to distort your subjects features. If you have room to step back then a wider scene can also be captured.

That’s enough waffling for now so here are some of my favourite images captured with this lens. (The list grew quickly so I limited that captured last year.)

Have you had a similar experience with any focal lengths? Has a piece of equipment ever pushed you to shooting things you never though you would? Let me know.

P.S. Apologies for pictures of my ugly mug.

That other Scottish city/the shite one

Four posts in four days – I’m too good to you lot.

So, Scotland’s central belt has this other city and to be frank, it’s a bit pish, but sometimes we go there for a laugh. Like blessing the poor buggars with our west coast presence..

A few months ago I became a tourist and went there. Shot a few rolls of HP5+ with the Kiron 28mm f/2; a high resolving lens with a serious barrel distortion problem.

I did find a cute cafe near the castle which let us chose the music and it was all cassette. I’d call them hipsters but I was shooting film on a 1980s SLR.

As usualmênt the HP5+ was pushed two stops and developed in Xtol by my own fair hand.

Feel free to tell me how terrible the pictures are and that I’m in no way to blame because it’s just terrible subject matter 😀

(Not really) Lock(ed)down Diaries

Must try harder on that title.

September came. September went. Other than a trip to the beach not a whole lot happened.

Schools feel like they never stopped. Home working feels like it has always been the way. New normal may just be a thing now.

We decorated. But there’s no way I was leading with that and trying to pass it off as something of interest.

Lockdown Diaries #4

So that was May. I’m a little late I know but what does that matter.

May was good. The weather improved, we had a family birthday and the sunshine came back.

Patience is definitely being tested and we’ve stopped asking why when somebody disappears to another room for an hour.

Facetime has become a pastime and with so little to talk about we’d be as well just sending photos.

Allora, see you soon.