Camera Obscura/World of Illusions/Photographers Wet Dream

We have been putting off going to Camera Obscura & World of Illusions in Edinburgh for years but we’re glad we finally did; the place is like photography porn (and it’s fun for the kid).

After carrying Big Boy around Edinburgh yesterday I fancied travelling light and the old X-Pro 1 with the little 18mm f/2 fit the bill perfectly. All these images will need a click to see the full image.

Summerlee Industrial Museum

Located near Coatbridge Central train station this place is great on a nice day. Lots of old chunky pieces of heavy metal machinery and plenty of fresh air. Also some nice interactive stuff indoors if the weather turns on you.

I took the Big Boy RB67 with me and a couple of posers for something to point at 😀

As is often the case these were shot on HP5 and cooked in Rodinal for 11 minutes at 1+50

Things I saw yesterday

Not much to report here. Had a fairly lazy day. We chilled in the morning. Went for a Parma Violet latte and Hot Chocolate at Cafe Rawnchy in Dennistoun. I had the Lavender and White Chocolate cake yum yum yum. Shot some stuff on the X-Pro1 with the VM 35mm f/1.4 and there’s even an iPhone shot in there from when the M mount lens couldn’t get close enough.

A new addition to the family/Blue’s 1st Xmas

The child has recently develop an intense interest in dinosaurs and since watching Jurassic World Velociraptors are her favourite.

When I saw this massive toy of ‘Blue’ from the film we had to have it.

And this thing is huge – it, sorry she, is bigger than the cats. Like, MUCH bigger.

Blue seems to be fitting into family life quite well and I think she enjoyed her first Xmas.

It’s that/most wonderful/time of the year… again

Normally we would have a family market day in Edinburgh but the ‘Rona done did it’s thing and put the kaibosh on that.

But wait! Up steps the Mother with a stoater of an idea – Xmas BBQ in the garden. Get in!

The child writing Xmas cards for her classmates – she insisted on writing a card for everybody. Where on earth could her good character come from?