Camera Obscura/World of Illusions/Photographers Wet Dream

We have been putting off going to Camera Obscura & World of Illusions in Edinburgh for years but we’re glad we finally did; the place is like photography porn (and it’s fun for the kid).

After carrying Big Boy around Edinburgh yesterday I fancied travelling light and the old X-Pro 1 with the little 18mm f/2 fit the bill perfectly. All these images will need a click to see the full image.

It’s that/most wonderful/time of the year… again

Normally we would have a family market day in Edinburgh but the ‘Rona done did it’s thing and put the kaibosh on that.

But wait! Up steps the Mother with a stoater of an idea – Xmas BBQ in the garden. Get in!

The child writing Xmas cards for her classmates – she insisted on writing a card for everybody. Where on earth could her good character come from?