Summerlee Industrial Museum

Located near Coatbridge Central train station this place is great on a nice day. Lots of old chunky pieces of heavy metal machinery and plenty of fresh air. Also some nice interactive stuff indoors if the weather turns on you.

I took the Big Boy RB67 with me and a couple of posers for something to point at 😀

As is often the case these were shot on HP5 and cooked in Rodinal for 11 minutes at 1+50


Off to the lab/Leica M2 in hand

A nice sunny day and I had some rolls of colour negative film to be developed. I do all my own black and white but I don’t enjoy the colour process so that gets sent out to the lovely folks at Gulabi. A nice six mile round trip walk to the southside was in order to get the job done. Of course, I did have a little coffee and cake pit stop. Grind & Grain in Victoria Road do a fine coffee and that lump you see is a vegan biscoff sandwich. It’s been a long time since my body had such a lump of sugar in one serving. This treat was delicious but it left me jingling and jangling.

Some sketches of a life

I finally got a means of scanning my medium format negatives at home so I’ve been enjoying using that a bit more lately & of course the GAS is already hitting and I’m looking at things more flexible than my Minolta Autocord.

There’s no overarching theme or scene to these images got some things I’ve seen over the last few weeks.

Shot on a mix of the Leica M2 with Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 and the Autocord

Comment on something; tell me what you do or don’t like – tell me what you’ve been shooting or what you want to shoot next. Lets chat.

A wet night on Duke Street

It started raining before I’d gotten 50 yards from the front door but I hadn’t been out to shoot for a few days and a little rain wasn’t going to stop me.

These were shot with HP5 pushed 2 stops in Xtol and the Kiron 28mm f/2. Such a wide lens and the well dampened shutter of the FE2 allows for some very slow shutter speeds.

A day indoors (and a jpeg recipe to mimic my favourite film)

If you come here often you’ll know I shoot a lot of film lately – usually at least two rolls a week, and 90% of this is HP5 pushed two stops (meaning I shoot it like it’s 1600 instead of 400.

I still sometimes get the urge for a little instant digital gratification and that’s what this post is about. How do I keep a consistent look across images shot on film and digital?

Now anyone telling you they can emulate a film stock digitally is talking balls. I’m not looking to start any flame wars here it’s just a fact.

They way you shoot, develop and scan your film has more effect on the outcome than the film itself. Different developers generate a different amount of contrast. Increasing temperature to reduce developing time can have the same effect. Developer choice will also affect grain just as exposure compensation affects contrast AND grain. Even the lens you shoot with can affect contrast.

There is literally hundreds of black and white developers available. I could push process a roll of Tri-X, show it to an experienced HP5 shooter and tell him it’s his beloved Ilford film, just done in chemicals he isn’t familiar with. The various possible outcomes are that vast.

What I have here is what works for me – that is, a jpeg recipe which gets close to my film scans of HP5 EI 1600 developed 17.5 minutes in Xtol 1+1

Acros, Strong Grain, NR -4 Auto WB, H-1, S+2 Sharp 0

I can’t speak about exposure compensation as I have shot enough film without a meter that I have become a human light meter.

Today the weather decided I should stay in so ere is a day about the house using the above recipe.

Once again, thanks for reading and please use the comments to let me know your thoughts.

Government Sanctioned Exercise #3 (and perhaps a decisive moment?)

Nothing much to say about these images – just a selection of shots from a selection of films shot and about our neighbourhood.

The last image is probably my absolute favourite photo I’ve ever taken. The way my wife occupies almost a third of the frame but serves to direct your eye towards my daughter. The curve of a pathway acting as a frame around my daughter. The touch of motion blur, gesture and expression all suggest a moment, or dare I say it, a decisive moment?