Summerlee Industrial Museum

Located near Coatbridge Central train station this place is great on a nice day. Lots of old chunky pieces of heavy metal machinery and plenty of fresh air. Also some nice interactive stuff indoors if the weather turns on you.

I took the Big Boy RB67 with me and a couple of posers for something to point at 😀

As is often the case these were shot on HP5 and cooked in Rodinal for 11 minutes at 1+50

New toys

Nikon FM/FE, Fuji X, Leica M, Minolta TLR… all my cameras have had something in common; they’re relatively small within their corner of the photography world. Then this happened…

It was just sitting there in the shop window – giving me that sexy little smile. I entered the shop expecting to find this old beast a little unwieldy to handle but no, it felt good but I summoned the strength to leave it there. Then I spend the next three days browsing the web and youtube vids trying to find something that would put me off but I failed. Now it’s mine. All mine.

I only took the one lens, a 90mm f/3.8. I went straight from the camera store to the Botanic Gardens in the west end of Glasgow and shot a roll of Ilford Delta 400. I expected a quality jump from the Minolta Autocord but the improvement surprised me.

A Boxing Day stroll/first rolls of medium format

Just before Xmas I bought myself an old Minolta Autocord TLR. Probably not my ‘final’ choice of medium format shooter but a good first choice. I had shot a test roll and developed at home just to make sure the shutter speeds were good.

I don’t currently have the means to scan 6×6 negatives but if I continue to shoot and enjoy it (which I think I will) I’ll get a scanner for them.

On Boxing Day my favourite two people took me for a walk around the Glasgow Necropolis and I shot a roll of XP2. Overall I love the results. Some of them show I need to take a little more care to focus and not underestimate how shallow the depth of field can be, even at smaller apertures.

There is one shot in particular that I think seals my medium format future. Its a shot of Penny on a bench with a snack and a daft face – the sense of depth and almost 3D rendering caught my eye immediately. If this is what a pretty basic lens cans do on a 6×6 negative I am probably hooked.

Oh well another rabbit hole.