New toys

Nikon FM/FE, Fuji X, Leica M, Minolta TLR… all my cameras have had something in common; they’re relatively small within their corner of the photography world. Then this happened…

It was just sitting there in the shop window – giving me that sexy little smile. I entered the shop expecting to find this old beast a little unwieldy to handle but no, it felt good but I summoned the strength to leave it there. Then I spend the next three days browsing the web and youtube vids trying to find something that would put me off but I failed. Now it’s mine. All mine.

I only took the one lens, a 90mm f/3.8. I went straight from the camera store to the Botanic Gardens in the west end of Glasgow and shot a roll of Ilford Delta 400. I expected a quality jump from the Minolta Autocord but the improvement surprised me.

Shooting Ilford FP4 and Sunny 16 rule

I recently chatted to a friend about how I dont feel any urge to shoot film and about a week later I owned a Soviet era rangefinder. It wasn’t anything I planned but I was passing a small camera store in Glasgow and the little Zorki 4 in the window caught my eye.

(shot on HP5 @1600)

Two minutes later and I’m holding the most comfortable camera I’ve ever felt. Honestly, this thing couldn’t fit my hand any better if they measured my hand first.

Two weeks later I also own a Yashica zone focus automatic and an SP500 and two Super Takumar lenses.

It was the latter I took for a walk in Glasgow’s Pollok Country Park on a sunny Saturday last week. I took two rolls of FP4 and both lenses. The first half roll was shot on the 55mm f2 then the rest of it with the 35mm f3.5

All the shots were metered by eye using the sunny 16 rule (Google is your friend here) and I’m proud to say every shot came out perfectly exposed. I think this is in part due to the 125 ISO of the film matching the shutter speed options, and the fact that I’ve tried to shoot only manual on my Fuji. Most of the Fuji street shots I share have been metered the same way; I guess the setting, dial it in, and look through the EVF to see if I’m right.

So if you fancy shooting film, just read up on sunny 16 and trust the exposure latitude film to keep you right – this is only my fourth and fifth rolls of film – if I can do it, you can’t do it too.